Why are some men intimidated by a women's hustle?

Women have grown so much that in some cases we are surpassing the male generation. Many of us are taking on positions that use to be predominantly for men or having higher salaries. There shouldn't be any intimidation when dating your significant other who is wiling to work hard to reach the top. I had many encounters with men who are intimidated by my hustle and many other girl bosses complained about this same issue. 

I think this irks my nerves just like when someone put onions on my burgers after I told them “NO ONIONS”! It's frustrating when you are a strong woman with goals and a vision and you come across a guy who can’t handle this kind of package. Why do you have to put me in awkward position and give me the dumb stare when I’m excited to talk about my goals? Why cant we get this money together? This usually happens when a male knows he’s settling and isn't putting in those hours to push himself to reach the top! He might just be a man with no ambition but rather take the easy way out and have everything handed to him. Nope not in this world. Success doesn't come easy, you have to put in the blood, sweat and tears to reach the top. Some men can’t handle a woman who is strong, independent and goal oriented. This will start to undercover their insecurities because they are so afraid that you may come across another man who match your hustle. He may pick you right up off your feet. I use to make excuses for men and why they aren’t grinding as hard as they should. Nope not anymore because I realized they are the same guys that are quick to play me lol. How dare you bro? I would even go the extra mile to help them reach their goals but I realized you can’t instill ambition into someone. You have to want success and be willing to stay dedicated to achieving every goal even when you fail multiple times.

Always Remember:

  1. Never settle for anything that doesn't pushes you to be a better version of yourself
  2. Never feel bad for hustling and grinding to achieve every goal even if your partner isn't willing to put in the extra work
  3. Don’t ever put limits on yourself or feel bad for celebrating your accomplishments, its either he catch up or get left
  4. Don’t spend to much time trying to push someone to want success as much as you
  5. Never make excuses for another man laziness, its room for everyone to eat get up and get this money

“Settling for crumbs wont get you fed and you will continue to starve.”- Danielle Laporte Lets discuss and comment below!