3 Tips to Stay Motivated


Don’t let social media distract you from your success

At times we get so caught up in social media and the success that others showcase. We see so many of our peers landing their career jobs, traveling across the country, perfect relationships you name it. We ask ourselves what are we doing wrong and why does their life seem so perfect. Social media will have you thinking you’re supposed to be rich by 25 with a perfect life and traveling the world daily. Listen sis we have to remind ourselves no one is perfect and it's something in their life they are lacking and want to improve so please don’t get distracted keep grinding. Many times people put out what they want you to see. It’s okay if you're struggling, in debt, or don’t have the perfect job but if you’re consistently working towards your goals you’re on the right track. Always remind yourself to celebrate every accomplishment small or big. If no one is routing for you I am.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Many times I find myself getting upset when I don’t achieve a goal by a certain timeframe. I’m in the process of learning patience. The process isn’t going to be easy and you will not always get the things you want when you want it. You must fail a few times and make as many mistakes to help you learn for the future. I'm in the process of canceling deadlines and using all of that energy to focus on the end goal. Success is much more worth it when you experience a few trials and tribulations.

Continue working as if no one is watching

I see so many people getting frustrated going on mini rants when someone doesn’t support their business, blog, brand etc. Why sis? It’s okay your business isn’t for everyone. Focus on finding your target market. Produce content and products as if no one is watching you. If this is your passion that’s all that matter. Your focus is to produce quality, establish an authentic voice and instead of forcing people to support show us why your brand adds value and form organic relationships. Your friends are very proud of you they may not retweet or post all of your brand materials but it doesn’t mean that they're not watching or supporting. So please don’t get upset or feel alone during the process keep working someone is watching. Just remember you have to believe in your vision even when no one else does.

 We are preparing to close out the chapter of 2017. So Let’s plan, prep and tackle 2018. Wake up every morning look in the mirror and say “I’m the sh*t”!