1 year later after seeing my family

I can’t believe its been one year since I seen my family after moving to a new city. Last thanksgiving I was here in Atlanta and due to me not being financially stable I couldn't afford to book a ticket home.  This time I knew I had to be there and this year was extra special because my grandma turned the big “70” So when my dad surprised me with the “I’m going to pay for your flight” I almost passed out. I will struggle and go through a few hurdles before I call home asking for a dollar. But that is something I’m working on because we all can use a little help. 

Coming back to Jersey made me realize a lot of things such as how much I miss taking public transportation and the corner store deli sandwiches! OH MY GOD those bacon egg and cheese always hit the spot! It’s the little things that count. One important thing was the value of my family and how important it is to take some time out to bond with your loved ones. Sometimes we don't realize how many things can happen and the growth you can experience in one year. My siblings and cousin matured and many accomplishments was achieved. Everyone is flourishing!


My grandmother was so excited to be in a room full of her family and best friends during the holiday and on her 70th birthday. My grandmother is my inspiration she is selfless, positive, strong, intelligent, and independent. She is the oldest of her 13 siblings, the role model and the one that is built on family traditions. She always recognize the positives in every negative situation. She is the one that keeps a ton of secrets but will still provide you with guidance. I love her for setting the bar high and showing me the importance of family. 


Sometimes we get caught up adulting we forget to celebrate one another. Life is to short so continue to create lifetime memories with your relatives.