Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I still remember when I believed in Santa Clause until I was 12 years old. I know what you're thinking that's really old. My mom fooled me with fairytale stories and letters. My feelings were hurt when the kids in school told me Santa didn't exist. 

It's something about this season that really uplifts my spirit. In the office, we decided to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. Let me first tell you at my previous jobs I would have never participated. But because I really love my job and the people I decided I would give it a try and not be the anti-social employee. Below are the three main steps of the Secret Santa exchange.

Draw a name out of hat, box etc :

I selected my Digital Manager which I enjoyed because I kind of have an idea of the different things she likes. The intense of not knowing who has selected your name is the best part. 

Pick a budget:

We decided on a budget of $20. Having a low budget makes it super fun because many people think you must spend tons of money to get the perfect gift. Nope! This is where your creative juices start to kick in and you really should pay attention to the person and the different things they incorporate in their day to day lifestyle.

Exchange the Gift:

Because my team is dope we blocked off time on our calendars to exchange gifts and leave the office to celebrate by having a holiday lunch at Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse. Oh, my god 10 pounds of meat I was the first person to tap out. The food is amazing!

Here is the gift I selected for my manager:

Secret Santa.jpeg

Urban Decay Little Vice Lipstick gift set from Sephora pricing at $15
Nature's Truth Aroma Therapy Peppermint from Target pricing at $6.99

We are 5 days away from Christmas are you still getting last minute gifts? Did you participate in any Secret Santa Gift Exchanges? If so comment below and let me know some of your favorite purchases.