Goodbye 2017

As 2017 comes to an end I want to call out this to be the year I tackled many of my fears. The year that I’ve taken the time out to get to know me. The year that I will always remember. I will take the time out to recognize the positives because the negatives are quite irrelevant.  Below are some of my accomplishments for 2017.

Say Goodbye 2017.jpeg

Moved to a new city:

Chasing your dreams can put your mind in a state of fear if you allow it. You will be put in uncomfortable situations and you will make decisions that may change your life. We are in control of our journey and we have the choice to choose happiness. 

Started my lovely blog which is my new found baby:

I wanted to create an outlet where I can share my journey and inspire other millennial women like myself to be bold and simply do what makes them happy. I want to be the safe grounds every woman can turn to when they feel like no one supports their journey. 

Met New Blogger Friends:

When I moved to a new city I made a promise to eliminate myself from connecting with negative spirits or people who simply just isn't trying to level up. We all know when you have those group of friends that hold you accountable for achieving goals this will encourage you to work harder. Instead of gossiping about what someone else got going on focus on how to help each other build brands. I've met some amazing blogger friends here in Atlanta and via social media. I’m thankful for these amazing women who genuinely support one another and always ready to drop gems to inspire. 

Spent alone time:

To be honest this is something I’ve always struggled with I’ve never really taken the time out to focus on me and my happiness. I challenged myself to get involved in different activities and learn how to be alone. Through the mist of this, I found out I prefer to attend boxing classes versus working out in the gym. I love taking stilettos dance classes because it brings out my inner sexy and attending events alone isn’t as bad as I thought. 

Landed a job in my field:

We all get tired of those “sorry we decided to go with another candidate" emails but are you going to let the No’s break you or keep pushing. I decided to keep running even after falling down multiple time with my bloody scars covering my knees. I wasn't going to stop until I hit the finish line. There isn't a success story without a struggle. 

Goodbye 2017.jpeg

Lets talk about the positives that happened in your life in 2017. What do you plan to accomplish in 2018? Lets make a promise that even if you get hit with bricks and jabs you will tackle every goal you have for 2018.