Ladies Night In

girls night in.jpeg

When my friend Tiera reached out to have a ladies night I was overly joyed! Yasssssssss Sis! A perfect way to relax as we wrap up the end of 2017. I’m such a girly girl so I love doing cute girl things with bomb friends! 

The night was supposed to begin at 7:30 pm but you know black people never on time hahaha. Many of us arrived around 8 pm and later. We talked for 2 hours sipping on red and white wine. Tiera is such a great host she ordered pizza and let me not forget about her bomb kale salad oh my god! I was so upset I ate Chic Fila before arriving but I usually don't like showing up to someone house on an empty stomach. 

We popped in a movie “Waiting to Exhale” which was my first time watching I know I know I’m super late. I’m still playing catch up on a lot of movies haha. This was a great film to watch with a group of friends because it shows you the different stages women go through in life. Having a group of friends that not only understand you but provide you with support and guidance is important. It can get hard sis and sometimes after harsh relationships or even a career fail you need someone to remind you that your still popping! 

We bonded talked about relationships knowing our worth as women and our careers. Also, shared advice and motivated each other to completely do what we love no matter what society has to say. I’m supportive and a number one advocate of my friends chasing their dreams. Money can't buy you happiness but waking up to a career that doesn't feel like your working is true happiness. This night was perfect! As a new chapter begins we can walk into the first page of 2018 eliminating self-doubt but focused on tackling new goals.

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How often do you get together for ladies night? I love it! This allows you to connect with positive souls and take a break from the every day hustle and bustle.  Whats a perfect ladies night for you? Comment below.