A letter to the men who made me stronger

Dear Uncles,

You inspire me in ways you don't even know and because of you I’m a strong black queen. You taught my mom how to be a strong young woman at 21 years old with little o’l me.


Uncle Rell: You’ve always been my protector. You’ve always told me I was beautiful and that you will never let anyone hurt me and our family. You are strong and as a little girl I watched you sell drugs and turn to the street life to make sacrifices for me and my mom. I was inspired! You walked a path that wasn't so great but your thrive for survival pushed me to be strong in any obstacle I was faced with. Watching you get sentenced 15 years into prison was the worst thing ever. As a little girl sitting in the court house watching the judge explain how much of a danger you were to society, while your legs and feet were chained like a slave was tortue. I never understood the hate they had for you because all I seen was love. I never really understood that growing up in the hood is a complete trap for some of our black men and how important it is to overcome being in a broken home. We have to be strong for our people and make the right choices no matter what circumstance we are under. No matter what society say or law enforcement you are a strong black man. You had to be a man at the age of 9 who was the head of household because your mom was on drugs. I’m inspired to chase my dreams and embrace the environment I grew up in because now I have the ability to inspire you once your sentence is up.


Uncle UB: Growing up I always thought you were my brother vs. my uncle. I still remember you burning every single doll head I owned and me pouring milk on your game system. I was 6 and you was 16 literally dragging me across the floor, body slamming me like a tom boy and locking me in closets was our bond lol. My mom was 21 had custody of you and was raising me at the same time. Losing your mom at the age of 7 was pretty tuff. There is no love like a mothers love. At the age of 18 you were sent off behind closed bars for 5 years. Going through the motions of trying to be a man and being raised by your big sister had a major impact on you mentally. After doing your 5 years in jail I’ve never seen anyone hustle as hard as you! I knew you would never let the streets get a hold of you mentally or physically. You are intelligent and strong minded. I love the bond we share. You molded me into a woman who should always stay committed to my goals and to never let somebody son take advantage of me. We fight and argue like brothers and sisters but we hold each other accountable for achieving our goals. 

I will always have endless love for my uncles and I’m thankful to be able to walk this journey of life with you. Sometimes we are put in a place to reflect on our journey. If you can write a letter to someone who molded you, who would that be?