3 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Relationship

I don't know if it just me but I really love Eventbrite! I found a free chocolate meditation class and you know we all love the free word. Evolution Yoga in Midtown Atlanta provided me and my boyfriend with excellent service. Our instructors gave us a ton of information on the importance and history of meditation. The class was very intimate and we all shared our backgrounds and reasoning for practicing meditation. To top it off during the session we were provided a piece dark chocolate. Apparently chocolate helps to put your mind at ease while meditating. This was true! After eating the chocolate it brought me back to my childhood memories when life was easy. This was perfect timing because we all get to the point where we feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed with our daily lives. Trying to maintain a relationship can be a full-time job and sometimes we just need time to relax. This meditation class came in handy and the experience was worth it. We definitely plan to incorporate this into our daily lifestyle. Below you will find 3 tips on why couples mediation can improve your relationship. 

Photo found on Pinterest by FitBlackWomen

Photo found on Pinterest by FitBlackWomen

Individual and relationship growth 

Meditating with your partner is a deep and intimate experience. It allowed us to reflect on our relationship and the steps we need to take when we face disagreements.  My boyfriend stated, "Just allowing our thoughts to connect with each other as we reflect and relieve all stressors made it personal." This is the time to understand our mind and transform our thoughts.

Allow one to be Vulnerable

Taking the time out to meditate with one another allows all of your positive energy to touch the surface and your souls are able to connect. I felt so in tune with my boyfriend as my body was floating in the air while covered in positivity and reflection. My breathing begins to be aligned with his allowing me to connect with him on a deeper level. I was so shocked to see how his face lit up once the session was over I wish I could have recorded hahaha. After the session, he consistently stated how all of his thoughts begin to be centered around the present and he was filled with so much positive energy.  

Better communication

Communication is very important in a relationship and if you want a successful one you will both need to understand each other perspectives. Meditating allows you to be at your most relaxed state of mind. When you're relaxed and calm you are able to understand each other instead of trying to communicate while irritated. Meditating helps you to keep your cool whenever a conflict rise in the relationship. As we know no relationship is perfect and this is a healthy way to build your connection and communication skills.

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Have you every tried meditating with your significant other? It's a first time for everything and I think I fell in love! Comment below and share ways you connect with your partner.