Be lit from the inside out: Self-care

After having a phone conversation with my line sister who lives in LA she made me sit back and think about my growth. “Teeara I’m so proud of you I remember when you weren’t friendly and was always angry.” I laughed because literally she would be the one always convincing me to see the bigger picture and I would get so upset with her. I made a promise to myself that I would no longer be angry at the world but focusing on building my confidence and embracing my inner beauty. I’ve been giving tough love all my life so that’s all I know. I remember being so uncomfortable when I had to show affection to others and I just got tired of feeling that way. 


Walking in 2018 I decided to dedicate more of my time participating in self-care activities. To keep this momentum going I attended Soul Care Wellness Series hosted by Kenda Davis of iBella Holistic Coach. This is an event that holds space for women of color to engage in self-care and self-love. This event consisted of three components meditation, yoga, and journaling. I was so hyped when I saw the post on social media! To be surrounded by a room full of women taking the time out to show up for themselves is LIT! Solange jams playing in the background was the perfect vibe session. Ms. Kenda Davis set the mood in the room with her upbeat personality. This was a judge free space where you can finally embrace your imperfections and accept who you are regardless of what society thinks. Accepting your imperfections allows you to define who you are and set you apart from the rest. When we focus too much on being perfect we tend to lose ourselves and forget all the great accomplishments we achieved. 


My favorite part of the session was journaling. After meditating we relaxed our bodies with cold head rags. Our journal session answered the question “Who am I and how do I know? I immediately went into deep thought and started to appreciate my strength and the power I have to always come out on top whenever I’m at my lowest. I’m a bull that cant be knocked down and will always embrace the scars I receive. 

Do you let your imperfections get the best of you? How often do you take the time out to celebrate you?