3 Tips for Effective Time Management

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Life can get crazy and sometimes we don't understand the importance of having effective time management skills. From the everyday working moms that have to come home and take care of their children. To the women working a 9-5 with a side hustle. Whatever your story may be you always want to find time to handle your workload without feeling stressed out. We need to keep our blood pressure down lol.

Know Your Goals

What are your goals for the week/month? This doesn't have to be anything major it can be as simple as I want to clean my house 3 times a week, take my child on an adventure, publish a blog post, network at events. When you have an idea of what your goals are this gives you a better understanding of how to come up with this strategy. Each day can build towards this goal as long as you make sure your goals are realistic. If you need a little motivation I like to find inspiration whenever I start to slack. I pop in my headphones and listen to podcasts like Black Girl Pod and The Female Millennial which usually set me back on track.

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Prioritize/ Plan ahead

This is the game changer! After you decide your goals you now will come up with a plan to tackle each one. My planner comes in place here to help me get the job done. I know some people are not a big fan of planners. Our purse may be already filled with life and carrying an extra item can cause some anxiety for some people. This is where your phone comes in handy. Set alarms and reminders on your phone demanding you to get stuff done. If your a person that love to hit the snooze button and your mad every single time your alarm goes off to wake you up. I got you! I know the feeling. Here are a few apps you can use to help you achieve each goal you set for the week, month or even year. I hope this helps if not sis we have to find what works for you.

APPS to help manage your schedule:

Habiticia: This app adds a twist by turning your goals into a game. You earn gold each time you complete a task but also punishes you for not completing making the experience a bit more competitive and fun.

Strides: This app allows you to focus on both personal and professional goals whether you want to set a goal to build your savings account or increase the number of books you read. This app comes with color-coded bars that will notify you if your on track or behind.

Sessions: This app acts as a personal timer and lets you track weekly goals. Your goals are pledges you commit to and you will be given the option to select how many minutes per day you want to block out to work on each assignment.

I usually start with what’s the biggest goal I want to accomplish for the week. For example, if I need to write a blog post. I usually write down my ideas and what story I want to create which lead to me taking photos. I usually like to write first and then focus on the photography piece by building off the story. Also, I have an accountability partner which allows us to keep track of our goals on a weekly basis. We update our list every Sunday and usually talk once per week on the process of our list.

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Take care of yourself

Don’t forget to take a break and hit the reset button. If you need to then block out time for naps. I hate naps when I was a little girl in preschool the teacher would call my mother because I would always be the only child refusing to sleep. Even in college I just couldn't once I’m up I’m up. I had to change my lifestyle and make time for sleep because I knew eventually my body would become burnt out. After the transition of my new job I never know what time it is or the day of the week. Having a watch is a required work item for me and that's where Cassia Jord Watch came in handy. A simple look that goes with almost about anything and is perfect for my Flight Attendant uniform. I love how my name is engraved just in case I take it off and sit it down somewhere you know it belongs to Teeara Ida. This watch is for the on the go people that value their time and experiences. You want to make every moment count and you're cautious about how to navigate throughout your day. Take a break to sip some wine, have an ice cream cone, enjoy a movie, light some candles, anything that will relax you.

How do you stay up to date with your managing your schedule and to do list?