Late Night Special V-Day Playlist

As we approach Valentine's Day ladies are prepping for their sexy look to compliment their date or significant other. The guys are rambling trying to make sure this is a perfect celebration for their lady. I don’t know about y'all but I’m always super excited for Valentine's Day. No this doesn't mean that this is the only day my love is celebrated but just a special day to dedicate extra time and love. So ladies don't let anyone make you feel bad for enjoying this day! I’m a super cheesy person on a regular day so this day allows my extraneous to touch the surface spreading my love and affection. 1000 kisses, hugs, twerks in the face and corny jokes vibes on tops of vibes. If you ladies decide to go out and celebrate or even celebrating inside cooking a dinner together with a glass of Rose' or Prosecco you can't forget to end the night with a Valentine's Day Spotify Playlist. This Playlist adds that extra vibe to your night whether you're having grown up festivities or that foot massage you been waiting to get after working all day. 


This late night special Valentine's Day Spotify Playlist includes a mixture of throwback and new school songs with a taste of lovey-dovey and sexual haha. You may need a pair of your classy stilettos for a quick performance tune in and let me know what you think. Happy Valentines Day <3