DIY At Home Spa Day


I was sitting here thinking wow I wish I can get pampered on a daily basis maybe an every weekend kind of spa day.  Wishful thinking right but the way my funds are set up that won't work! I’m trying to discipline myself in investing and saving my coins. But that's okay! We can still get those pamper days popping! I decided to create an at-home spa day reserved for me. A day where I dedicate time for me while I put everything else on mute including my phone. 

When I'm stressed I get really bad migraines and I can't think or function properly. I hate taking pills to cure my headaches because I prefer to do things naturally. I remember as a kid every time I would get a fever my great-grandmother would put onions in my socks to reduce the temperature. I hate onions but it worked! Onions dissolve yall and I never knew that lol.  
Stress can increase the risk of mental illness. Listen I'm trying to look like my grandma when she turned 70 beautiful and healthy so that cant happen! When I start to feel overwhelmed with my lifestyle I think of ways to reduce the tension and relax my mind and body and this at-home spa day usually does the job.  I'm no expert but the at-home spa day allow one to relieve stress, reducing blood pressure, relaxing your muscles while your mind hit the reset button.

Below is the list of things I use while engaging in my DIY at-home spa day.


Bath Bombs - I usually use bath bombs for its essential scent and bubbles

Candles - always set the mood allowing your mind and body to get in tuned

Aroma Therapy - Let just say aroma therapy gets the job done! It allows your body to relieve stress, anxiety or any pain you may be experiencing. I prefer to use the lavender flavor especially when I’m experiencing tons of stress this flavor has proven to calm the nervous system.

Steam my pores and apply face mask - I love skincare! Nothing is better than having a clean face and allowing your skin to be nourished. You can do an at-home face mask with 1/2 avocado and a teaspoon of honey I literally just found this out. Recently my job gave out fresh fruits and all the avocados went first not to eat but for the women to take home to use on their faces. 

Playlist: The Weekend and Sabrina Claudio usually the two artists I play while sitting in steaming hot bath water. Sometimes I end it by dozing off letting my mind and body float.

Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion - One of my favorites!!! I love Aveeno lotion and I usually apply this after stepping foot out of a fresh bath. While massaging the lotion into my skin this reduces my stressors while providing my skin with a smooth soft touch. I can't forget the lavender scent and ylang-ylang oils! Sis, I walk out the bathroom strutting through the house feeling like I’m a model on the runway for the first time ready to tackle any fears haha.

Do you have an at-home spa day regime I would love to hear about it! Comment below and share.