Let's Celebrate Our Women

I want to take the time out and celebrate the importance of women! We are super lit and sometimes we don't get to celebrate one another and the great accomplishments we are achieving. Women are strong and powerful! Listen we have the power to give life, overcome those painful menstrual cycles, gender basis and much more. Through every struggle and as many times we may get knocked down we are slaying in our careers and sitting in some of the top positions that women once wasn't able to receive. Below are a few of my girl boss babes that I want to take the time out to celebrate! 


Shardaisy the fashionista, journalist, stylist straight out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We met via Instagram and now real life friends hahahaha! Yes, it’s true you really can meet some of your lifelong friends through the internet especially if you're in the creative industry. Shardy graduated college at 20 and been about her business since day one. She inspires me on a daily with her drive for success. You can learn more about her on shardaisy where she shares her latest style tips.


Blogger/Youtube babe from Jacksonville, Florida. We recently met a few months ago at an event “Content Days” in Atlanta through another blogger friend. She is super supportive and I admire her consistency! Sis creates her own opportunities! Janee is a boutique manager, full time student and if your a natural hair babe you may want to head over to her page to watch how she slays her creame of nature products. You can learn more about her at janeebarbre.com 


Fashion and Travel blogger babe! We also met at a blogger event “Content Days” she reminds me a lot of myself and its probably because we were born on the same day hahahaha. Y'all I’ve never met anyone who shared the same birthday as me and the fact that she's in the same tribe LIT! I love her for her ambition! Sakiyna is always involved in fashion or freelance gigs getting those side hustles popping! Currently Sakiyna is a Manager handling all things creative for Tracy Nicole Clothing. You can find her on toastedleather.com 


“If you look good you feel good” Krissy always make sure she throws out this slogan when introducing herself. My NYC babe who recently moved to Atlanta and is slaying!!! She's a beauty blogger who is very supportive of black women and staying connected with one another. Also, she’s a beauty and sex writer for xoNecole. You can find her out on krissylewis.com


 Faith and fashion blogger and queen of the event "Content Days" wait wait wait and sis is an ENGINEER! Yes, coins on tops of coins! She's talented Y'all! Drea is dedicated to her dreams and relationship with God. She has made an impact on many and I admire her drive to give 100% in the engineering field as well as blogging. Who said you can't have a career and a creative background without quitting that 9 to 5! You can find her on dreaspeaks.com


Y'all know how y'all got that one friend that does it all! Well, thats Tiera! TALENTED!! I like to call her the creative director because whenever we link up she has these dope ideas that will inspire you to believe in yourself even on an off day. She that friend that will pitch your brand to others like you been on the scene for 20 plus years I love it!!!! Check her out on instagram @iamtierashavone.

Lets talk about some of the women that inspire you! Comment below and lets celebrate and cheer our women on as they slay in their daily lifestyles!