Living in the moment! Welcome 25


April 22, 1993, a queen was born! Teeara Ida black queen straight out of Newark, New Jersey! Hahaha, I love to rep my city Newark. Seriously I embrace where I come from because I know the road wasn’t easy and I do it for my family. My family still don’t understand what I do but I do know I make them proud. Seriously 25 sounds like a grown woman! Hahaha, I can’t even say I'm in my early 20s anymore but something about 25 makes me feel like I’m ready to take on the world and enjoy these last few years of my 20 somethings. I’ve learned is to embrace every year and not to feel pressured to have everything perfectly together. 25 is just that age where you like wait hold up sis about to be 30 in a blink of an eye. You start to panic because society put all this pressure on us that by 30 you're supposed to be set in your career living the fairy tale lifestyle nope! I’ve accepted I’ll still be grinding at 30 as hard as I am at 25 because success doesn’t happen overnight. Instead of making 25 sound old and boring I’m celebrating like I’m 18. Why because my spirit will forever be young.

25 will be the year I embrace my imperfections while planning big girl goals and preparing for more failures. I know your thinking wait why is she preparing to fail that's negative. Well, this year I decided to look at my failures as a positive and embrace everyone. Why? Failure doesn’t mean you lost at life but it means you accepted the fact that this is a brick you will be hit with from time to time to help shape you for a better version of yourself. Each year we blossom to a better version of ourselves and each year we get hit with a different struggle. Name one successful person who hasn’t experienced any failures? I’m waiting…. None! These failures are put in our life to give us that thrive to keep fighting, learning, and growing. Each goal you set you will achieve it which lead you to prepare for bigger goals but the failures are thrown at you to help you challenge yourself to earn it. Nothing in life is easy and once you accept that this will allow your mindset to turn every bad situation into a positive one.

Fun fact I think April is a special month not because of my birthday lol but because this time last year I prayed for a job in my field as my birthday gift and I received my first media job!  This year I was laid off, depressed and prayed for a better opportunity. Recently I received a job offer taking my talents to Corporate America for one of the best fortune 500 companies. When life seems to get hard remember something is about to pop off opening up a new chapter to success. Cheers to 25 <3