Learn to vibe through the good and bad

March has been completely hard for me. I've been feeling disoriented. Twelve plus hours migraines, face breaking out you name it. One of the biggest things I put on pause was my blog not allowing my creative juices to flow.


Just a little update I’m trying to get my debt together so I can make bigger moves and on top of that, I got laid off from a job that I love dearly, a job that gave me a chance on my career. Once I found out we lost the account and we had to move on with our lives in the next few months I shut down completely. But hey that's life! First off I started to get flashbacks of my previous job search and the struggle of how hard it is to get into companies. This time is much better because I have built my network and I have people to vouch for me in the industry. But I was afraid of not knowing where the next few months would take me. I talk about not living in fear and here I am allowing it to take control of my mind. I slapped myself back into reality because the hustle in me never fails me. Listen I moved 14 hours away to a new city alone anything is possible. 


A quote that really stuck with me is “There’s a harsh reality nothing last forever. You have to be ready to grow and grow fast" This quote made sense in all aspects of life because sometimes we get comfortable and we can easily stop dreaming. Sometimes we get comfortable which can lead to the abandonment of great accomplishments. Yes, I love my job! Yes, this was a start to my career but this doesn't mean that it will be the end of my career. It just means this chapter ended and now I need to embrace the positives. Instead of shutting down completely about losing my job I’m learning to vibe through the good and bad. I had a talk with myself like sis you cant allow this to affect your health and mentally drain you because the business will still be running and you will be dead or in someone hospital plugged up. I came to the realization that this is allowing me to grow. Something bigger and better is happening and now the sky is the limit. I will now go into my next position more experienced but not just that the doors of light is now opening for me to walk down a bigger and better path. 

 Just remember life gets hard but what you going through may not compare to what the next person may be experiencing. Learn to vibe through the good and bad.