Perfect Date Night in the City Vibes

I don't know about y'all but I love dates its even better when he's mine! A typical date night for me isn't the traditional dinner and movie. I honestly prefer to watch movies in bed. The theaters are so cold and if I attend at night I will most likely fall asleep. My boyfriend and I like to make our dates more adventurous or just a vibe session. Wait, wait I said adventurous let's talk about our dummy mission we went on. One night we decided to watch the game at a bar and double date riding bikes through Midtown Atlanta. I say dummy mission because we were the couple that showed up tipsy after yelling at the tv screens I think his Giants was playing. Tipsy on bikes, hills, and riding in the streets lord at one point I had to walk the bike and he was in my ear like "come on you can't give up like that" trying to hype me to be wild. 


This time we decided on taking our vibe session to Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA for a picnic during the Jazz Festival. Sometimes we both just need a mental break just the two of us to relax. As I prepped for the day I got cute and made sure I sprayed my body down with Audry from Defineme Fragrance and while I laid in his arms we sipped on a few glasses of wine, and of course, I swapped the typical picnic sandwiches out for fried chicken yup!!! I'm not really a sandwich kind of girl and of course fried chicken is always better. We laughed, cracked jokes, exchanged kisses, of course, he couldn't stop loving on me because the fragrance smelled so fresh and clean.


Define Fragrance sent the products to me for testing purposes all opinions are my own. I fell in love not just with the scents and packaging but the brand as well. Be fearless, strong and passionate! This fragrance is a powerful way to deliver positive affirmations. Everyday I challenge myself to be the best version of me. This brand empowers women to live their best life as well as contributing their donations towards children scholarships. Let's not forget this is a vegan product made with coconut oil, cruelty-free and organic natural ingredients. We live in a world where we are starting to become more aware of our health and wellness. Why? Because we all want to live a healthy lifestyle so we can continue to look like a badass even when we surpass the "older" age. 


What's a typical date night for you? Is it more chill? relaxed? or turnt up?