How to apply lashes for your 9-5

“This post is sponsored by Private Label Extensions but all opinions are my own”

Wearing eyelashes in Corporate America is becoming very common nowadays. As women, we like to look professional but at the same time enhance our beauty. I currently work in the Marketing department for a fortune 500 company and my days can get pretty hectic. There are some days I will have 8+ meetings a day as well as trying to keep up with tons of emails and making sure all deliverables are met. It’s so easy to get worn up and down from your 9-5 but what keeps us going is when we look good. I know for me when I have my fresh pixie cut I feel so good and my most hectic days turn out to be the best ones. I was recently introduced to Private Label Extensions 3D Mink thin line Milan strip eyelashes. The 3D Milan Mink lashes provide you with a luxurious, natural color look and they are 100% Mink and 100% Hand Crafted and the lit thing is they're about 20-25 times reusable. 


When I originally picked out the 3D Mink Milan lashes my goal was to pick something I can wear to corporate meetings and that will give me a fuller look and not the exotic club look. I wouldn't want to be sitting in front of my SVP with a beat club face looking like I’m about to twerk in the club.  I’m new to the eyelash thing and I’m pretty simple when it comes to makeup looks so I decided to give these a try. What I love is that they are super comfortable and easy to pop on for work days I know what your thinking why not lash extensions. I like to deep clean my face daily and having lash extensions make me feel like I have to be super careful while cleansing my skin. Maybe one day I will get into it but not at the moment. With the 3D Mink Milan strip lashes after a long day at work, I can remove, cleanse the lashes as well as my face. 


Here are a few Do’s to compliment your eyelash look for the office:

1. Don’t apply to much glue on the strip which will cause it to smudge and look unattractive.  

2. When putting on your lashes make sure the lashes are not hanging too low which will make it super noticeable that you have on fake lashes. The goal is to develop a natural look.

3. Always trim your eyelashes to fit your face and look. Its best to measure your eyelids against the eyelash before trimming. If you decide to trim while the eyelashes are on be careful to night trim your own lashes.

What's your favorite lash line and how do you keep up with your work look? Please feel free to share your eyelash routine because I'm still learning lol.