6 months left where your hustle at?

These past 6 months have been kind of rocky for me. Major transitions happening in my life and I’m trying to adjust while still producing work. In these 6 months of 2018, I’ve learned to be very thankful for supportive friends as well as learning to be more tuned in with me. When life gets hard like real hard I’m learning to not just cry alone but turning all of that energy into creating and inspiring. I have a ton of things I’m working towards that will change my life as well as others.

"Don't relax now but don't get upset either this is your way" - Krissy Lewis


I love this quote! Thanks to my sister Krissy Lewis. Sis always see the positive light when I think life is BAD I’m so dramatic lol.  After having a mini breakdown she hit me with this quote that immediately got me up off the floor and my grind pumping. Often I put a lot of pressure on myself always telling myself I’m not doing enough or I want more. Sometimes I get afraid because I don't want God to think I’m ungrateful for the things he provided me. I do know that I was put on this earth to do more and to hustle for the things that truly make me happy. I’m not your typical girl that will just go to my 9-5 and go home chill on the couch watching all my favorite youtube videos or Netflix movies without opening my computer to work on me. So these last 6 months will be dedicated to me and my purpose. I will be creating those strategies and making fewer excuses so I can do the things I want. Time waits for no one! Like dang, we all were just screaming Happy New Year posting in those popping New Year's dresses and outfits on Instagram.  Tagging inspirational captions and everybody motivation on a thousand feeling like they can take over the world. Mid-year come around and that motivation can instantly decrease until January come back around again. Nope, not this time! We are halfway through the year so its time to maximize that hustle and remember the end goal for everything you want out of life. 

Let's talk about how 2018 have been for you. Is it challenging? Peaceful? Did you accomplish most of your goals or you dragging along trying to keep that motivation going?