How to travel anywhere with only a carry on bag?

When I started traveling on a weekly basis I realized how much I enjoy traveling with minimum bags. I travel with a purse and one roller board. This helps me to move throughout the airport in a quick efficient manner. Also, this allows me to keep my luggage with me at all times. Most airlines allow one small bag such as a purse, laptop bag or book bag and one carry on luggage. My roller board is considered my carry on luggage and I’m able to squeeze it right into the overhead bin with no issues. Even on those small planes that make you feel claustrophobic. Once I leave the aircraft I’m ready to go. I don't have time to walk to the baggage claim area or wait on the jet bridge for my luggage. I don't even want to think about my luggage getting lost or the hassle of being on vacation waiting for the airline to find my bag. I get it mistakes happen and that's one of the possibilities while traveling so I decided to avoid that and bring my bags with me at all times. My job consists of lots of travel. I don't know where I’m going or if the weather will be hot or cold so I’ve learned to pack for any kind of vacation. Here is how I travel anywhere with only a carry on bag.

Packing cubes is a life saver. It allows my roller board to be organized and if I ever need to open my suitcase to grab items I don't have to worry about my clothes falling all over the place. This helps me to keep my luggage organized avoiding the hassle of items falling out and having to squeeze pieces in my luggage to make it fit. My packing cubicles are labeled for specific items such as makeup, skin care, undergarments, and clothing. All of my shoes and large sweaters are stacked at the bottom of the suitcase. 

Recently my job planned for me to work a 4-day trip starting in Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA, Leon, Mexico, and San Potosi, Mexico. Once I arrived in Houston I was told I was going to DC for 5 days where I can possibly work flights leaving from that particular base.  At the time DC was super cold and a snowstorm was heading that way. This is how I learned to pack my luggage for any kind of trip by bringing a mixture of items for hot and cold weather. 

packing cubes.jpeg

Items I pack in my carry on bag: 

3 pairs of Jeans 

2 sweaters

7 shirts 

1 dress

2 pair of shorts

1 skirt

2 bathing suits

2 set of work out clothes

endless undergarment

1 pair of sandals 

1 pair of heels

1 pair of sneakers

travel size skin care products