A Morning Routine that will help Increase my Productivity

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I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant but all opinions are my own.

Having a consistent morning routine can set the mood for your day. I would go to bed super late and wake up just in time to get ready for work. I would run through the house trying to plug in my flat irons while digging through my closet trying to throw together an outfit and the list goes on. I noticed my anxiety would be at an all-time high especially about time I hit that Atlanta traffic.

Recently, I started my new career job which is a promoted position and I'm feeling the vibes of a boss. I know I’m always all over the place typical millennial hahaha. This position is a true testimony that I'll share in a later post. I’m still trying to process everything.  So I decided to create a consistent morning routine to set my day up for success. I’m learning to possess the qualities of a great leader and it all starts at home and how I prepare each day. Here are a few ways I start my morning routine to help increase my productivity:


I like to turn my cell phone alarm on so loud that it becomes annoying. I also like to add aggressive text notes with the alarms such as “Wake up beauty it’s time to get your mind right”, “GET Your  A** Up Now. This is a daily reminder that business needs to be handled before stepping foot out the door. I’m trying to hold myself accountable for waking up extra early so I can take my time prepping for the day. This is now considered blocked time for protecting my energy and making sure I take the initiative to refocus my mind for success.



There is nothing more refreshing than clean breath. It gives you the confidence to speak freely. Get rid of that nighttime bacteria! I added cariPro Ultrasonic Electronic toothbrush to my morning routine. Listen I was so hyped to receive this from Smile Brilliant. Growing up I wasn't able to afford an electric toothbrush so for 25 years I used a traditional toothbrush. I would scrub my teeth and gums until it bleeds. I believed this helped me to accomplish better results. After receiving my electric toothbrush I was amazed by how I didn't have to do much work. The toothbrush vibrations hit every angle providing me with a deep cleanse. At first, the vibrations were too much for me and it made things a bit uncomfortable. I was scrubbing so hard as if it was a traditional toothbrush. After speaking with the Smile Brilliant team I received some great tips on how to use gentle brush strokes and that brushing hard doesn't mean it will give you better results. The hard bushing can cause a receding gum line. I took all of these tips into consideration. I make sure I brush gently allowing the toothbrush to do the work. I take my time with all 4 corners of my mouth for 2 mins each moving the brush to a different quadrant of the mouth. The rubber back of the toothbrush is designed for scrubbing of the tongue to remove bacteria and replace with a refreshing smell. The tongue and the root of your mouth are just as important. One thing I love is the different settings on the toothbrush: clean, whiten, massage, gum care and sensitive which gives me the full at home experience. Clean breath is a start to any great day.

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Journaling allows me to write out my thoughts with zero judgments. For each journaling session, I like to set the mood. I start off with plugging in my aromatherapy diffuser, drink a cup of hot tea with slow music playing on a low level typically SZA, H.E.R or Ella Mai. Sometimes I’ll wake up and my mind may be in a heavy space. I may be bothered and lacking motivation and I just need to write to release those negative thoughts. I’m able to reflect on the reasoning behind my emotions. I like to turn my negatives into positives by writing down positive affirmations to help me overcome what’s causing the emotion. Journaling allow me to be vulnerable and speak about the things I'm afraid to verbally say or admit. Most importantly I like to document my life history and look at the growth of me and my emotions. I’m trying to make sure that before I leave the house all of my emotions that was interfering with my mood is left on paper. This will help me to maneuver throughout my day with a positive mindset.

I love the smell of possibility in the morning. How do you set the mood for your day?