Finding Balance in my Relationship

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Lately, I’ve been working on having a balance when it comes to my lifestyle. A balance between work and my social life, a balance between my relationship and my own life. I noticed I wasn’t going out often and I started to become closed off. I would only attend events with friends if it was business-related. I was open to connecting with women but not on a personal level because I have trust issues. I was used to being around the women I knew for years. This is unhealthy and I had to break out of this habit. My close friends live in different states and my best friend in Atlanta travels weekly for work. I didn’t want to depend on my relationship to make up for the girl time that I was missing while living back in Jersey. It’s important to find a balance between your relationship and your own life. When you stop making time for the things you once enjoyed this will cause you to lose pieces of yourself. Also, this can cause you to become dependent on your partner to make you happy which isn’t a great thing to do. I live with my boyfriend which means we see each other every day and spend a lot of time together which I do enjoy. But there are times when I need a balance. When he wants to hang with his boys I don’t always want to tag along. I was never the type of girl to get in a relationship and forget about my friends.

My friends use to always ask me “how do you spend so much time with us but still make time for your significant other?” Back in the day I mastered balance lol. For some reason, I lost that balance living in a new city and not having close friends. So I’ve been challenging myself to set up monthly girl dates to help me connect with women on a deeper level. I have so many business friends here but not enough “girl I’m about to come over for wine, movie night and a good laugh.” Instead of complaining I stopped distancing myself and started accepting more invites and setting up more girl dates outside of work. Some of these dates consist of vibe yoga, pool parties, stepping out to a lounge once in a while, and a girls day party, etc.

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I partnered with Winc a monthly subscription box that delivers 4 bottles of wine to your doorstep based on your taste palate. This was the perfect timing as I challenge myself to add balance to my lifestyle. I now have no excuse to pull up to girls night because I can now incorporate winc wine tasting into my monthly meet-up. It’s LIT! If you didn’t know I’m obsessed with wine. White wine is my go-to! This saves me the hassle of running to the store day of trying to decide on which wine me and the girls should vibe with! Now I’ll be able to show up prepared with a collection lol.

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Here is how the Winc Wine Subscription work:

  • Winc delivers 4 bottles of wine to your door monthly for less than $40

  • Before making a purchase, you will fill out a 6-question palette quiz on

  • Winc will choose 4 bottles of wine based on the questionnaire and you can swap out if you don’t like the selection. For example, my original options were 2 red and 2 white wines so I swapped out 1 of the red wines for a bottle of white wine.

  • The 4 bottles of wine that came in my box were: Outter Sound Sauvignon Blanc, Diviner Sauvignon Blanc, Piu Gioia Pinot Grigio, and Rosa Obscura Red Blend

  • The Bottles of wine start at $13

  • This subscription is very flexible. Members can skip a month any time free of charge

  • There is no commitment: simply call or live chat to cancel your account

  • This is my fav! Never pay for a bottle you don’t like!

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If you’re in a relationship how do you find balance? I would love to hear your thoughts.