How Your 9-5 Mindset Can Help Your Side Hustle?

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Social media will make you feel like you need to quit your 9-5 and start your own business. The gag is entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. Everyone doesn’t hate their 9-5’s and can benefit from the office environment. You have to be a worker before you can be a boss. Your 9-5 will teach you how to be professional and how to run a business properly depending on your field. If your working a job you hate or doesn’t relate to your side hustle use the basic skills like effective communication to help you level up. 

My full-time job consists of me being a Media Strategist at an Advertising Agency. My side hustle benefits so much from my 9-5 because I'm a blogger. I’m able to create media strategies for my clients and understand the value of advertising and how companies depend on it to grow their business. Working in a creative industry allows me to stay up to date with the media trends and learn something new that I can apply to my side hustle. I’m able to network with tons of people. Recently, I was invited to VIP Opening Night at 29 Rooms hosted by Refinery 29. This was big for me because I’m obsessed with Refinery 29, that is a brand I aspire to partner with as a blogger. I was offered this opportunity through my 9-5. To attend work-related events that can benefit me as a blogger is truly a blessing. I was able to shoot content for the event and still show up as that Media Strategist. Before this event, I was looking at my budget trying to decide if I can afford to pay for another event. So being able to go for the free was a win! 

You don't have to dedicate your time to one industry

There is no rule that you can't be passionate and successful at more than one thing. Every successful person has more than one source of income. Having a side hustle that is aligned with your passion provide you with that outlet to develop new skills and be free. When I started blogging I learned how to run my website, manage social media accounts, email marketing, sharpen my photography skills, learn how to use my brand to collaborate with companies while showcasing that authentic storyline. No matter what your side hustle is I guarantee you it will expand your skill set. You will begin to learn things you may not be learning in the workplace. These skills can open up new opportunities for you and set you apart from others.

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Your 9-5 will help you financially 

Your 9-5 will fund that side hustle. Some people side hustle doesn’t take off quickly which means financially it cant fund those monthly bills. If you’re passionate about your side hustle you will make sacrifices and make sure you're still putting in 100% regardless of working a full-time job. You make time for the things that are important to you.

Hold yourself accountable and make your lifestyle a priority 

Having a side hustle while working a full-time job can come with a lot of scarifies. I was forced to work on my time management skills. Atlanta traffic is terrible! I started parking at the train station and riding the train into the city. This works out because every morning while riding the train I’m able to listen to a podcast for morning inspiration and knock the small things off my to-do list. Also, my lunch break allows me to work on editing a blog post, youtube videos, sending pitches and planning, etc. When your passionate about something you will make it work. However, I make sure I don’t allow my side hustle to interfere with my full-time job where it negatively impacting my work ethic. Management will respect you more when they know you still able to deliver high-quality work even though you have other obligations outside of work.

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Find a positive in every bad day 

Don’t be the worker showing up upset and complaining about how much you hate your job. Turn those negatives into a positive. Be the hardest worker in the room and replicate that same energy for your side hustle. Everyone had that one position they didn’t enjoy. I use this as motivation to work harder and work towards the position and environment I desire to be apart of. Becoming a blogger and making it my side hustle empowered me to take charge of my career. I want to work harder in my full-time job because I know it will elevate my side hustle.