Why I Chose to Attend an HBCU

If you're reading this and attended a Historical Black College and University you understand the joy of attending one. College was amazing and because of my HBCU every day I find myself reminiscing about some of the great times I shared with lifetime friends. Keep reading while I share a few things about life at an HBCU.


Attending an HBCU allows you to see how privilege you are that your professors know who you are by first and last name not just one student but the entire class. Its legit one big community where some of your professors may even be in your organization, attended the university or from your hometown. Believe it or not your professors are some of your biggest supporters. I'm thankful to be surrounded around professors who truly care about the success of their students.


Now I know you heard of the saying “Aint no homecoming like an HBCU homecoming” this explains it all. When I tell you homecoming is the big cookout/family reunion where everyone come together to party and reminisce about the times they shared at the University. The popping events put on by the student body, the celebrity guest appearances at the traditional homecoming concert. One year we had future and it was LIT!!!!!!  If you are apart of Greek organizations coming back to homecoming is ten times better from the music to the step shows to the vendors.  Don’t try to text your old boo to tell him your in town for the weekend because most likely you won’t have any service because campus is beyond packed. 



Attend college and get involved! this will help you to develop your leadership, networking and social skills. This will be your family away from home. This will keep you completely active where boredom doesn't even exist. Let me not forget the band gets downnnnn they play no games! Battle of the bands is always super intense its one of those things you have to be there to experience it!



Fried Chicken Wednesday is where you start to see friends that don’t have meal plans walking around campus looking to get swiped in the cafeteria. Your rushing from classes trying to make it to the café because you know the lines are going to be super long and if your me you want “wings” only. This is  probably the best day of the week where the food slightly taste like your mother's cooking.


The infamous “Yard”! If you been to any HBCU I’m sure your familiar with this term. At my HBCU our yard was the street of university ave and the center of Foster Hall student center. This is where it all goes down in between classes and students just want to meet up for events or a quick mingle. You may get a quick runway show in between classes by one of our poppin modeling agencies. As you know everyday is a fashion show at an HBCU. You will see so many beautiful women and handsome men on the yard with their best outfits Monday through Friday barely any sweat pants maybe on a rainy day lol.



Dealing with the financial aid office will teach you how to be patient! You will experience the blood, sweat, and tears of communicating with the financial aid office to get that Validated stamp. My Virginia State family is familiar with the term "validated". This is the stamp that tells the university you have $0.00 balance and can attend classes. It's important to keep those grades up to receive grants and scholarship money. It's even worse when your parents are out of state and you’re the one who have to talk business to make sure your registered for the semester or you might have to book that one way ticket home on the china bus.


Yes I said diversity! many people think because you attend an HBCU there isn't any diversity. Attending Virginia State University allowed me to meet people from Canada and across many different states with different background and cultures. I legit have a friend in almost every state. You have many people who never once traveled outside of their hometown to even see how others live. It's amazing!

Thank you Virginia State University for making me the woman I am today! Thank you for helping me to overcome the stereotypes they place on our HBCU students. Thank you for providing me with the education and the power to be nothing but successful. Thank you for the lifetime experiences that I wish I can cherish one more time. I believe in our HBCU's!  Are you an HBCU alum? Are you thinking about attending an HBCU? Comment below lets talk about it.