Surviving my first year in a new city

I survived my first year moving to a new city ayeeeeeeee! I’m still in shock and proud that I never once thought about packing my bags and leaving. This has been the fastest year of my life and I have experienced some of the good and the bad.  Moving to a new city in your 20s isn’t as easy as I thought and to be honest my ambition and faith got me through each hurdle. I moved to this city with a dollar and a dream and my main goal was to grind and focus on working in media while building my happiness.            


I received a phone call from one of my good friends Caryn. A good friend whom she once did business with was the Publicist for the NBA Atlanta Hawks basketball player Thabo Sefalosha red carpet event. He was looking for some extra help to work the event. Thabo Sefalosha just opened a menswear luxury brand store in The Shops Buckhead called “ATTOM” super dope store! This red carpet event was held to provide brand exposure for the Grand Opening. I oversaw the set up and monitored the celebrity guest list while playing the role of event assistant. When I tell you I was so hype. I didn’t care about Atlanta crazy traffic I jumped in my car and was out. I had the opportunity to network with so many professionals in the industry. Any opportunity that was aligned with my goals to help me network and build my experience I was down.


Now this is when it got real! This when I realized how important it is to have faith. I received a phone call from my aunt who begged me to take her vehicle months before the move to Atlanta. Her husband brought a new car and the Nissan wasn’t being utilized anymore. I was a bit skeptical because I don’t really like taking things from people I rather work for it. I guess I’ve got tired of the saying “and I did this for you.” People are quick to throw things in your face. Months after making a decision I took the car and me and my aunt discussed a payment plan. First month driving the car in Atlanta, I was on the highway on the way to work and my entire car started to shake violently. I ended up having to get the car towed to Nissan. “Mam you have an internal transmission failure and it going to cost $3,600.” I almost fainted on that phone. Rent is about to be due my job is damn near an hour away I started panicking. I immediately called my aunt. We played this back and forth game where a week has passed and I had no way to work  and Uber wanted $50+ per ride so boom FIRED! Remember I just got this car from her 2 months’ prior the warranty has expired and none of this I was aware of.


It all came down to her telling me oh she can pay to get it fixed but I must move back to Jersey live at her house and work at her doctor’s office. So you know I wasn’t with that who said I wanted to work in the medical field that is your dream not mine! So from that day I was without a car. She took a flight to Atlanta traded the car in for 2018 vehicle and shipped the car to Jersey. I remember her telling me on the phone I’m not financially stable, I’m struggling, I will not make it in the industry etc. Every negative word you can think of she said it to me. That moment right there gave me that extra push to grind and figure it out and to eliminate those kind of people out of my life. I was left stranded but hey I moved to Atlanta with a dollar and a dream and I refused to give up. When you have major goals you will get knocked down a few times just to see how bad you are willing to fight. It’s completely okay to fail a few times.

Immediately I thought of a master plan. I took in consideration the location where I lived and the distance it was from the city. I immediately hoped on a server position for three months at outback around the corner from my apartment complex. I was probably the only girl walking to work in the town I lived but I had to make money. My bills were beginning to become backed up but I never once called home complaining or expecting to be supported. This was my choice to move so I made it happen. I worked 6 days a week sometimes all double shifts.


 January hit and I sat and thought I must get another car because this will hinder me from job opportunities and taking on different gigs in the city. Traffic is beyond crazy in Atlanta and some employers will not hire you if you live a certain distance. I remember it took me 50 mins to go 6 miles. TRAFFIC IS REAL!!! I walked into the Honda dealership just to get an idea of prices and what to look forward to. I didn’t plan to purchase right away because I was alone and just don’t like the intimidation of the dealership. I ended up working with a nice man whom his wife happens to be in my sorority and he ended up helping me out. I left the lot with a car the same day. ITS LIT!!!!!



 I came across many opportunities but again I was no longer taking on full time positions that wasn't going to lead me into the industry. Ive became very cautious on what jobs I accepted and rejected. Strictly looking into media opportunities I've became very proactive and every professional I met while serving I followed up with. LinkedIn became my best friend. I came across a company I was highly interested in and reached out to the director. I asked for informational meeting to discuss opportunities in the industry. I was scared out my mind but  you can't live in fear. That leap of faith led me to the start of my career as a digital media planner working with a major client at one of the top media agencies. Sis you can make it happen don't give up thats what they want you to do!

Atlanta, Georgia Media Industry

Currently I’m exploring Atlanta and working hard to build up my credit and to pay off my debt. If you survived your first year moving to a new city lets talk about it! If your thinking about moving to a new city but afraid to take that leap of faith. Sis comment below!