3 Reasons Why Sisterhood is Important?


Sisterhood is so important to me and having a circle of women who pushes you to hustle and grind is dope! I honestly don't know where I would be without my sisters and I’m so thankful to be surrounded around a group of women who I genuinely trust. Sis, no I’m not talking about those friends who life is just filled with drama and thrive off of bashing others lifestyle. Stay away from that because misery loves company. Yes all friends have a moment where they go crazy with the screenshots in the group chat lol but it should definitely be a balance between more positivity and less negativity. Here is 3 Reasons why sisterhood is important.

Deep emotional connection

My sisters has definitely seen me at my darkest and my most highest moments. From me struggling with depression, relationships, figuring out how to pay off my debt to me receiving my first career job. This unbreakable bond allows us to help one another grow throughout this thing called life. There was plenty of nights I would get those late night calls or I would be calling their phones like girl I'm stressed, I need help, I feel low, I cant do it! I’m so thankful they didn’t hang up on me for interrupting their late night festivities lol or their sleep. SIS YOUR REAL. We can argue and disagree for hours about different life decisions we make but that don't stop us from jumping right back on the phone the next day. My friends know I take sisterhood very serious. If you don't have a bond where you can connect with your friends and provide constructive criticism to help one another elevate, I think you need a different group of friends sis. 


Any business goal I come across best believe I’m picking up the phone to call them to express my ideas. If no one is real with me I know they will tell it to me raw. When I don't believe in myself, my sisters is by my side like "GET IT TOGETHER!" Moving to a new city in your 20’s  can be really hard and there are many times I feel like giving up. My sisters would call me everyday like “I don't care how you figure it out but your not returning to jersey because your about to get this money and chase those dreams.” Every dark light I see they always provide me with some kind of positive energy. Having a group of women who hold you accountable for achieving your goals is very important. Success doesn't come easy and sometimes we all need that extra push. 


Yes I said Clatchet!  AYEEEEEEEEE! If your not familiar with this term lol its a recipe of classy and ratchet. There is nothing like a night out with your friends listening to trap music, drinking wine or even a dab of patron. We all need those girl dates. Please don’t just come out of a relationship because now it’s time to get pretty with your girls and remind yourself that your still poppin. We all have those group of women who make life ten times better through the ups and the downs.


Lets have a toast to great friendships. Beauties Let’s talk about the benefits of sisterhood and comment below!