Life after college depression

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I tell all my upcoming grads enjoy every bit of those crazy, memorable and meaningful college days. When its over it’s really over. My senior year of college I was screaming “I’m over classes I’m ready to graduate!” I thought I was grown because I was about to receive a degree lol. Little did I know right after I crossed that stage the journey has just begun. Depression! Trying to adapt to the life after graduation is freakin hard! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The picture is painted those 4 years work hard receive that degree and land that job in your hand. WRONG! The real world is waiting to smack you in the face with so many rejections. It was to the point I was afraid to even check my emails. You even start to question the degree you receive why you wasted 4 years or however many it took you to graduate. You think your to damn good for a mediocre job because your like hell no I have a degree. Then god comes to humble your little soul and make you take risk and sacrifices to learn what it means to HUSTLE and GRIND. I was hustling for almost 2 years before I received a job in my field. I was lost and depressed and started to question what the hell did I do wrong to deserve this.

Finding a job in your field will take you on an emotional roller coaster. So for my recent grads or even grads who are still struggling to find a job. Please don't give up! You got this you can go through 1,000 no’s but that one yes will make it all worth it. You will now have a new outlook on the job market and become motivated to produce great work. No need to be ashamed when people ask you “have you found a job in your field yet?” Every time I was asked this question I wanted to smack and stomp someone face out! This made me feel like a failure. NOOOOOOOO I’m still busting my ass to find that job! Don’t feel bad if you have to make a few adjustments and minor setbacks to help set you up for the future. As long as you have a plan you will be perfectly fine. Never ever settle go into every position with a goal. 

Listen at a time I had to take on the position as a server. I swear I was so damn frustrated dealing with them rude ass people thinking your beneath them because you had to pick up a quick hustle to pay the bills. Everyday I walked into that building with a plan and a end date for me to be out of there. When I first moved to Atlanta I told myself I was fed up and would no longer take on positions that is not setting me up for that dream job. So I decided to become a server to utilize the flexibility of my schedule and on my off days network and take on freelance gigs. I walked in that building with my black apron on everyday setting a goal to at least meet two contacts that will connect me with the right people in my industry. Sis I’ve met so many people because when someone see your hustle you begin to motivate them and they will eventually want to lead you to the right person. So if your currently in this position don't let it bring you down you are destined to be great but you have to believe in yourself and put in work even on your off days to find that position. Nothing good comes easy.


So lets get started…

  • Log into your LinkedIn account search positions, contact recruiters and even send out a few personal in mail messages to set up informational interviews. Employers love to talk about themselves you never know what opportunities you can receive from that one conversation

  • Attend networking events and get actively involved in business organizations. For my mass comm babies Color Comm is an awesome organization.

  • Freelance Freelance Freelance!!! I know your tired of being that recent grad “Sorry you have to have 3 years of experience for this position.” Annoying right! How am I suppose to get experience if you will not hire me! I would spend hours looking for different paid gigs that will allow me to receive that experience as well as valuable networking opportunities.

But that doesn't mean you should give up this is all a test to see how hard you're willing to work for it. Sis,  let me see the blood, sweat, tears and pump in those heels while trying to win that position. Are you currently going through depression? Whats holding you back from chasing after your dream job? Please leave a comment below and share share share!