Why Accountability Partners are the secret to success?

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Once I became more aligned and confident with my goals and the things I wanted to pursue in my life, I became more comfortable speaking about it publicly. One thing I realized is the different responses I received from different people. Some may just listen and smile and some may be shocked and inspired. There's a major difference when you speak amongst people who have similar interest and goals. It’s a different kind of vibe because they are able to not only understand you but are much more relatable. Here is when I found my accountability partner now known as my sister Beauty Blogger Krissy Lewis.

2018 is the year we decided to become accountability partners. We built a close bond by hanging out almost every weekend. We started attending different events in Atlanta to help boost some creativity to get our own pot stirring. Eventually, it turned to weekly calls to coffee shop dates. We would sit in the coffee shop for hours. Listen I don't even like coffee or would have never thought to sit in a coffee shop trying to think of ways to boss up! I’m laughing because this just brought back a flashback of when I was interning at a showroom in New York. I would be running errands walking pass all the coffee shops glancing at the people from the outside window like they really think they in the movies lol. Now look at me and Krissy bringing our laptops, planners whatever to get the job done. We decided on this partnership after we realized how much we motivated one another and challenged each other to step out of our comfort zones.

We became friends, fans of each other’s work, and accountability partners everything is seamless and natural- Krissy Lewis

This lead to our iPhone shared Weekly Blogging Goals. This is the list where we set weekly goals and usually enter our new goals for the week starting Sunday. Our goals consist of two sections Blogging Goals and Social Media Goals. We like to end it off with our overall yearly goals as a weekly reminder to help us achieve our long term goals. In between us updating our list we also like to have weekly FaceTime calls that usually last for about an hour. Also, we like to include a category for any stressors we may be experiencing throughout the week just in case we need to slide in some extra motivation. That motivation can come from a shared podcast, Instagram inspirational messages, articles, anything that resonates. These calls help us to discuss our progress and how we can meet each deadline with a dab of jokes and vibes lol. It's funny because usually the week I’m unmotivated and sad Krissy is extremely motivated and vice versa. This works because we are able to uplift and pour that energy into one another. We on this journey together which allows us to offer different perspectives of something we couldn’t imagine. It helps us to move forward. Most importantly we give each other honest feedback and value each other's feedback.

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Everyone needs an accountability partner to help them turn their goals into accomplishments. No matter what your occupation is media, law, blogger, student etc. When I was in college I challenged myself to have an internship every summer in my field so it can help build my resume. I had friends who challenged me to meet this goal and it made me hustle. Also, once I transitioned to the work field I made sure I established relationships with people at work where we can genuinely boost each other confidence to learn different software or learn more to advance in our roles. Surround yourself around positive souls that genuinely want you to succeed and will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone to achieve each goal.

How do you stay on track with achieving your goals throughout the year? Are your friends holding you accountable?

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