10 hard lessons to learn in your 20s


1. Your degree isn’t the easy ticket out!

Listen those 4 years you're in school they only show you the glitz and glam of getting a job in your field. Nope, nowadays its who you know. Networking is key and you have to have that hustle and passion in your blood to stay down. It takes some people 2-3 years to find a job in their field are you willing to stay down? You may experience life after college depression. Don’t walk across that stage thinking you can just slap your degree in an employer's face and say hire me. You have to have experience even if its 5 internships and connect with at least one person in the company.

 2. Don’t think you're a failure for living at home!

People are so quick to brag about moving out and having their own apartment and talking down to others who don't. I get it I love living alone but if I'm in the situation to stay at home and stack my money while tackling debt I would. When you move out try to make sure your debt is at a bare minimum. You don't want to take that baggage and result in living from check to check that is STRESSFUL!

 3. Your job can easily replace you!

Yup, I said it! I got laid off twice since I graduated college. I know people who worked at billion dollar corporate companies for 10 plus years and got laid off. It’s life there is budget cuts and changes happening every day. Don't depend on a company for your only financial stability. This is where having 3 different incomes come in and handy as well as investing your money. This is the time to perfect your craft outside of your 9-5. Don't let impatience cripple you things may feel like its taking long but don't revert to settling for anything that doesn't make you happy.

 4. Pay your debt! Pay those student loans!

The student loan reps will blow your phone up. They will destroy your credit. They will take your taxes! Don't play with them. I've learned that even if you can give a small amount come up with different strategies to pay off your debt. If that reverts to you having to cancel happy hour and traveling across the country with friends then do that. Your credit is the face of you. Having your priorities straight feel a lot better than you traveling and stressed because you don't know if you have bill money or you're sending all your debt to collections. I told my friends I’m not traveling anywhere this year my main focus is financial freedom and getting my debt in order. It’s real it will put you through depression.

 5. You won’t have your entire life in order just because you're in your 20s!

Why does everyone think you have to be making 6 figures, buying a house or condo, living lavishly because you're in your 20s? That's not true! Hey, that's popping if that happens for you but don't beat yourself down if you're still figuring things out. Embrace the process of you finding yourself and building your brand. Life isn't about a race find joy in the journey.

6. You will outgrow friendships.

This is true those friends you knew for years you might outgrow them. Your not the same person you was when you were younger people have different interest and you may not have anything in common anymore. There is no beef but that's how life works. 

 7. You may not stick to the career path you received your degree in and that's okay!

Who cares what your mom, dad, grandma, friends or whoever think. If it doesn't make you happy remove yourself! I’m an advocate for doing what makes you happy. We attend college for 4 years we choose the major that we think may be the best route what happens if you discover new talents or come across another career path that interests you that's okay! At the end of the day your the one that has to wake up and show up in that position so your opinion is that one that matters.

8. It’s okay if your relationship doesn’t work out ppl are put in your life to teach you different lessons it's not the end of the world!

From college sweethearts to nothing life happens and its okay! Don't hold grudges or hate any of your ex’s because they were put in your life to teach you a lot about yourself and helped you grow. Embrace those heartbreaks or disloyal relationships because now you have a better understanding of what you want versus what you don't want. Everyone doesn't deserve a seat at your table. Listen it’s okay to be single stop craving for a man every second of the day spend time perfecting your craft and dating yourself. Its hard loving people so if you haven't taken the time out to understand yourself how will you be able to provide love to your significant other. 

9. You will need to make decisions without your parents!

I get it our parents always want to be there to hold our hand throughout the journey of life. It’s cute but at some point, you have to learn to make decisions on your own. You have to fail a few times just to see what it feels like this will help to groom you to the person you want to be. This is your life its okay to take advice from others from time to time but you are the driver of the journey your walking. You will need to make decisions based on what makes you happy and not what your parents think is best.

10. Your health is more important than you think!

The older you get the more cautious you need to be about how you treat your body. Go to the doctor get those check up and be mindful of the foods your intaking. Life can be hectic don't let it break you take some time out for you by indulging in some self-care activities.

 I'm still in my 20s and I've come across lots of lessons and sure there will be many more to come. I realized you're supposed to be working for nothing in your 20s so enjoy the process because you are stirring up something great in the pot that will blossom to the best version of you. What lessons have you learned in your 20s?